Murals & Installations
I'm interested in the way that we can combine art with our physical surroundings in a way that's unexpected and brings people closer together. We're so used to interacting with small screens and what's in front of us that being challenged to interact with a piece of art that's 15 to 20 feet high is a very inspiring experience. Here's a collection of installations that I've loved working on over the years.
Then, A Fantastic Sea
Special thanks to Australia-based illustrator and muralist Matthew Wong for his expert guidance and advice on set up! 
Bright, like your eyes
Webflow HQ
Mike Meyer
Dear Future Me,
I created an installation for XOXO called Dear Future Me, in which participants wrote a letter to their future selves that were then hung up. With over a thousand letters written, walking through the installation was at times poignant, heartbreaking, hilarious, sweet, and all too relatable. My goal was to bring people closer to each other and to create a space for self-reflection. The letters will be mailed in a year, creating a ripple of intention outward from the conference itself.
Wart Burggraaf
Becky Margraf
My love affair with physical installation work began in 2014. For Dropbox's Hack Week, I created a 10' installation of layered Legos spelling out the word "hack." It took over 7,600 pieces and I loved the interplay between the pixel art-like format of the Lego contrasted with the swashy, romantic sweep of the script.
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