Chapter one
Bright Eyes
For the last two years, my murals have explored the world of this one blue-haired character: her world, dreams, fears, and psyche. And that is because this girl represents me, freckles and all. These murals have seen me through the dizzying heights of love, the crushing loneliness and anger of loss, and the fresh reawakening of self-empowerment.

While I consider this initial set of eight murals to be a completed series (and a two-year endurance exercise in artistic focus), I may bring her back in the future. This blue-haired girl has be painted into installations at the Asian Art Museum in SF, Philz Coffee, Autodesk HQ, etc, and I'm proud of this two-year endurance exceries! 
Murals & Installations
A swirl of mythological creatures, a fantastical story, and strong female characters. Bright colors, energetic movement, and a touch of whimsy. A line that never ends, a curve that always bends.

chapter 01: the blue-haired girl
Chapter 00
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