Lucky Turtle
for National Geographic
Lisa Vortman
I had the honor to be a part of National Geographic's Earth Day campaign, wherein they commissioned four environmentally-themed murals to be painted in four cities across the US: SF, NYC, Philly, and Chicago.
Lisa Vortman
I also wrote up a tutorial on my technique for getting my drawings onto large walls, called the Doodle Grid.
I was live interviewed by ABC7 and several local affiliates, in which I got to live out my life-long dream of recreating the "I like turtles" meme on air (worked it in casually, of course).
Special thanks to the National Geographic team, the wonderful folks at Building180 for facilitating and managing the project, and Connie & team at Tea and Others for being fantastic partners throughout the entire project.
Hooray! Video by Paula Marcheschi
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