for the 5x5 art show
This piece was created for the 5x5 art show held in 2019. 5x5 was an art show held on the weekend of May 5, 2019, in the Mission District of San Francisco. It was organized as a studio show with my studiomates: Amy Wibowo, Shirley Wu, Catherine Madden, Topher Lin. Each of the five studiomates produced five projects each, hence giving the show the name, "5x5" (in addition to opening on 5/5, May 5).

I painted this piece when I was processing a challenging break-up in which I felt angry, blinded, and hurt. When I sat down to create it, that was at the forefront of my mind, so I imagined the tiger as a guardian protecting my inner child (the central character).
painted in San Francisco

Thank you to Dan Friedman, Catherine Madden, and Sean Blake for helping to paint this. (Thank you as well to the movie Free Solo for fueling us through this mural, as we watched it four times back to back during the painting of this. We were a little obsessed.) 
A timeline of the process
Initial digital study
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