Doodle Therapy is a live drawing show that I created and now host for Adobe Live. On each stream, I chat with a guest about life and art while live drawing — real talk over doodles. As an interactive show, viewers are also encouraged to ask questions, chime in, and draw along with our weekly doodle prompts. It's been amazing to see all of the community art submissions!

In 2021, we are scheduled for a new time on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8-9 AM PST.
Jan 13 - 14
Jan 27 - 28
Feb 10 - 11
Feb 24 - 25
March 10 - 11
March 24 - 25
April 21 - 22
May 5 - 6
May 19 - 20
May 26 - 27
Zines with Shing Yin Khor
Data Sketches with Shirley Wu
Redraw with Bonnie Kate Wolf
Adventuring Landscapes with Nick Slater
Week 16
New Year, New Horizons with Lauren Hom
Lauren Hom is an all-star letterer and fellow snacks-lover, and we've been internet friends all the way since 2013! On this week's show, we decided to challenge each other to create a piece out of our comfort zones: Lauren, as a letterer, created an illustrative mural with no lettering; and I, as an illustrator who doesn't do much typographic work, explored lettering a phrase. As our last show in 2020, we reflected on the past year and chatted about our big dreams and new horizons for 2021.
Stream 01
Stream 02
week 15
Pins & Stickers with Syd Weiler
From their iconic Trash Doves sticker pack and character, to their inventive Photoshop custom brushes, to their delicate, evocative body of work — Syd is a fearless, kind, talented artist who I've admired for many years, and was delighted to have on the show. In this stream, we created a pin and sticker set respectively and talked about our design considerations in designing small pieces of delightful merch. We also ran a giveaway amongst the doodle submissions (of which the prompt was to design a sticker or pin!), and the prize was a set of the pin and stickers that we designed live.
Stream 01
week 14
Keycaps Design with Susan Lin
It was a true delight to dive into the world of keycaps design with The Key Company COO and artist extraordinaire Susan Lin, aka mintlodica. This week, we chatted about Susan's inspiring journey from tech design into custom mechanical keyboard design, while working on our own custom keycap designs in Photoshop and Illustrator respectively. We also got technical about the iconography, composition, and design aspects to creating custom keycaps.
Stream 01
Stream 02
week 13
Children's Book Illustrations with Anoosha Syed
Anoosha Syed is an illustrator who works in animation and has illustrated over 20+ children's books! On these streams, we created children's book illustrations and discussed the process of working in the publishing industry, pitching, etc. We also talked at length about the business side of art — working with and finding the right agent, social media as a tool, career progression, community, and more.
Stream 01
Stream 02
week 12
Comics with Deborah Lee
On these streams with Deb Lee, we dove into the world of sequential art and each created a short-form comic! We also talked a lot about each other's origin stories as illustrators: Deb emailed me when she was a senior at CMU, we met up and got boba, and then she worked with me as an assistant during her senior year (thoughtful cold outreach does pay off — do your research, be respectful, and go for it!). She's completely come into her own as an illustrator and graphic novelist.
Stream 01
Stream 02
week 10
Playing with Color with Ryan Putnam
With illustrator, designer, and ceramist Ryan Putnam, we discussed topics like creative confidence, career paths amidst uncertainty and personal challenges, and how to get started in illustration. During these streams we explored how to take simple RGB colors and evolve them into a custom palette for your project.
Stream 01
Stream 02
week 08
Childhood Nostalgia with Amy Wibowo
On these streams featuring the multi-talented Amy Wibowo, we explored inspiration from our favorite childhood memories: TV shows, snacks, movies, etc. and used that to create a pair of new illustrations. I enjoyed our conversation around creative confidence, process, and community as well!
Stream 01
Stream 02
week 01 / Main illustration stream
Ghibli Landscapes hosted by Voodoo Val
This was the stream that kicked it all off at the beginning of 2020! Voodoo Val hosted me on the main illustration stream, where I worked on a Ghibli-inspired landscape painting.
Stream 01
Stream 02
A full playlist of all of my drawing streams for Adobe can be found here.
Doodle Prompts
During every week's stream, I create an interactive drawing exercise that viewers are invited to participate in. Below are a few illustrations I've created on-stream! 
Week 06
Week 03
Week 12
Week 07
Community Submissions
And here are some of the amazing viewer submissions from the community! We've received over 60 submissions and I've sent out many dozens of giveaway prizes to the participating winners. Thanks to everyone for drawing along; I truly love seeing it!
All streams are on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30 — 3:30 PM PST on Show replays are hosted on the Adobe Creative Cloud Youtube channel and can be found in a playlist here.
A huge thank you to the Adobe Live team for building such a supportive, encouraging community here, as well as to artist Sam Peterson for moderating all of these streams so far! 
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