Dream Projects
with Catherine Madden & Amy Wibowo
On our season finale, we brought on encore guests (and my studiomates) Catherine Madden and Amy Wibowo. Together, we worked on dream projects: textile design, ceramics, zines, etc! In the ethos of Doodle Therapy, our theme was simple: to work on what we enjoy and carve out some fun, relaxing time to draw together. We reflected on the past and future, and enjoyed our final stream together!

A special thank you to:
♡ You! The community of viewers who have watched, doodled, and submitted artwork
♡ Our 30+ guest artists who have joined us
♡ Our moderator, Sam Peterson, and tech studio manager, Jeffrey Lin
♡ the Adobe Live team!
Stream 01
Stream 02
Doodle Therapy runs on Adobe Live every other week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3-4 PM PST. For the schedule and the full list of previous guests, visit the Doodle Therapy homepage.