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illustration rebrand
In 2018, I worked with help desk software company Help Scout to rebuild their illustration brand. While Help Scout is a technology company, its users span a diverse range of fields: from retail to education, food to manufacturing, etc.

At the heart of this illustration system is a series of stories about people helping one another. For each set of illustrations, we sought to depict people in a variety of settings and professions, helping each other accomplish colorful and interesting tasks — whether baking a cake, designing a runway dress, learning about the solar system, etc.

I love that we leaned into creating a series of illustrations bursting with brightness, movement, and quirkiness. Thank you to Help Scout for being on board to pushing the Cute Agenda with me on this one. \ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ/

Timelapse (Process)
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Retail & Inventory
Retail & Inventory

Alice helped us develop a deep understanding of who we are in a way we hadn’t even really articulated to ourselves yet. Sharing that story before diving into the work allowed us to discover a voice that felt genuine, like it truly belonged to us.

Linda Eliasen, Help Scout Head of Design

Smaller pieces

Spots, icons, & empty states


I also designed some pins for the team! Unfortunately, these are not for sale, but I look forward to making more in the future in my own shop.

Thank you

Thanks to the Help Scout team for not only the opportunity but also for being awesome, empathetic humans to collaborate with! While I worked with the larger team, my main collaborators included: 

Linda Eliasen, Design Director

Jared McDaniel, co-founder & designer

For more about the branding process, check out the write-up on the Help Scout blog!

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