I created a series of illustrations for Airbnb to announce the launch of a new internal project, Nova. The team was amazingly receptive to any whimsical and fun ideas around the general themes of travel and stars so we created a celestial narrative around this character who's painting the night sky.
Illustration 01 — Painting the sky
Illustration 02 — Celestial traveler
Illustration 03 — Star explorer
I also think it's interesting to look at the initial sketch concepts for artwork like this — like a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a narrative-oriented series. Here's some of the initial sketch concepts that I sent over to the Airbnb team. You can see that the finals deviated a bit in concept, but I think for the best! 

We also wanted to be able to print these out as posters (that were then put up all over Airbnb's offices), so I made sure to design these landscape illustrations to fit within a vertical crop as well, which you can see in my sketches below.
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