Album Cover
Seasons of Piano
Musician Starling Tan and her team commissioned me to create a series of album covers for her orchestral suite, Seasons of Piano.

Inspired by the visual aesthetics of classic animes (Makoto Shinkai, Studio Ghibli, etc) and the stirrings of new romance.  
Melon Soda is the first movement of this four-piece suite. It represents the first stirrings of new love: a chance encounter between two strangers at the fruit stand! I enjoyed illustrating various types of melons.
Do Canopies form Clouds is the second movement, and its title references the motif of notes that calmly echoes throughout the  piece, D-C-F-C. This piece is about the calm and slow settling into a peaceful routine with a new love.
The third movement of this piece is Reverie — the harsh, stark climax wherein the relationship is existentially tested. In this piece, our protagonist is alone at the final, isolated way station: deciding whether or not to get on the train to leave or not.
You can listen to the full orchestral suite as well as the piano-only versions here. They're so beautiful! 
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