for Google
The Google Chrome developer team invited me to collaborate on Designcember, an advent calendar of illustrations that flexes, recomposes itself, and shifts when the user adjusts the size of their window screen. This type of illustration-responsiveness is achieved only through the awesome CSS + JS technical skills of the team! 
I also lightly animated some of these windows as well. These were all hand-drawn keyframes, so the animations were of subtle movements like steam rising, pouring tea, or twinkling night lights.
You can view the live site (and play / click around) here.
The magic of this project was that the entire page was responsive, and as a result the illustrations flexed and changed composition slightly to accommodate any changes in the window size. Major props to the Google team for utilizing the latest CSS tricks and techniques to achieve this! 
Here were some of the layout plans that I made to account for different window sizes. The composition of the entire page would shift, as well as the composition and size of the window's illustrations themselves.
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