The Washington Post, Section Cover & Spread
I illustrated the cover of The Washington Post's Weekend section, featuring a cast of characters playing in a flowy Winter Wonderland. The activities that they're doing correspond to activities that are written about within the section.
Section Cover
Inside spread
Thank you to Simon Last for the print copy!
Slack, Various Editorial
Various illustrations created for Slack's blog.
"A Little Thing on Release Notes" — on the joys of making product release notes fun and engaging.
"Finding our Twitter Voice"
"Finding our Twitter Voice" — illustration 01
"Finding our Twitter Voice" — illustration 02
"Elevate Yourself with Side Projects"
"Elevate Yourself with Side Projects" — on how one's personal projects can inform the work that one does, and vice versa
"Words are Hard"
"Words are Hard" — on building a brand style guide around copywriting and voice
"Words are Hard" — illustration 02
"Alt School is in Session"
The Columbus Monthly
Illustrated cover, inside opener, and spots for The Columbus Monthly Magazine's winter issue on holiday traditions and happenings in Columbus, OH.
Inside spread
The Progressive, Cover
Illustrated cover and inside spot for The Progressive Magazine's double summer July / August 2016 issue. The theme of the issue was about building better communities together, from plans to build a high-speed rail to connect different communities in the midwest, to the rise of locally-owned, community banks.
Cover and inside spot illustration
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