The Management Handbook
Book cover for Clearbit
Clearbit, a tech company based in SF, asked me to illustrate the cover for their book, The Management Handbook.

One of the book's central ideas is that a good and effective manager seeks to empower those on their team. I found this idea very relatable and universal, as I think you can scale this concept to even to other relationships in your life, even if you're not a manager at work. In a sense, being a good manager is actually not about you. It's about uplifting the people around you. This is a concept that anyone can relate to, whether in one's friend groups, home neighborhood, or larger communities.

In particular, I was inspired by this quote from the book:
You have to switch focus from yourself to others because you're no longer measured on your output. It's about the output of your organization.
The illustration that I created expresses this concept with the manager (the central character) helping the birds around her take flight. In turn, the birds represent potential, empowerment, and teamwork.

The cover was adapted for use in a variety of contexts beyond the actual physical cover, from a podcast card to on the Clearbit website. As such, I created a small-sized version for smaller contexts (such as for podcasts) as well.
To read or listen to the book, check it out on the Clearbit website.
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