Biden x Design
The Biden x Design movement was organized and curated by designer Christopher Simmons and many folks who worked in previous Obama administrations / campaigns. It kicked off in October 2020 with the aim of organizing illustrators to create art in support of the Biden / Harris campaign ahead of the election. I was honored to be asked and to participate in the political process through artwork.

For my piece, I focused on an important issue that I felt wasn't receiving enough attention in the national discourse: the environment.

After four years of the Trump administration's record of cutting funds to the EPA, national parks system, and reducing regulations around drilling and foresting, I was extremely concerned about the future of the environment under a second Trump term. It's an issue that affects everyone, particularly those in marginalized and lower income groups.

At the time, California had been burning under orange skies for over a month straight — so for this piece I sought to illustrate the power of a vote, and the hope and respite from our orange hellscape that one's vote would restore with respect to the environment.

The full project can be viewed here.
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