Asian Snack Vases
in collaboration with Amy Wibowo
To all the Asian snacks we've ever loved — thank you for powering our childhoods! With my close collaborator Amy, I created this series of Asian snacks turned into vases. Each vase is handbuilt, with the exception of the Vitasoys and Koala's March, which were slipcast. The vases were also painted by hand using underglaze, which took hours for each one in order to get the clean, sharp edges.

Vitasoy classic
Vitasoy Crysanthenum Tea
Strawberry Pocky
Those Pocky sticks are made of clay, too — with strawberry "glaze"! 
Strawberry Koala's March
The underlying form for this vase was slipcasted by Amy.
White Rabbit Candy Planter
Botan Rice Candy Planter
Haw Flakes Planter
Pocari Sweat Vase
Calpico Vase
Apple Sidra Vase
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